Is There Value In Your Gym Membership?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a commercial gym? You walk in, scan your ID card, but you are not greeted by name and no one knows you’re there. It feels like a sin to make eye contact with another human. Then, someone is on the machine you need, so you choose to alter your workout rather than jumping in and sharing equipment with the other person. You are just another random cycling in and out. Maybe that’s your vibe – get in, power up, and get out – and that’s cool! But for many of us, we are looking for something more from our gym membership.

If you haven’t tried a boutique gym membership, YOU SHOULD, and here’s why! Small boutique gyms offer a variety of valuable services and benefits that will help you get to where you want to go, faster. This starts with having highly educated coaches who can show you how to train properly. You’re not alone. Many, if not all, of their services are coaching-based, which means coaches are available frequently for proper instruction. You will receive more attention and more customization than in a commercial gym environment. A fitness professional can explain to you the reason behind what you are doing which often increases your personal investment in your training. Coaches will tweak aspects of your technique so that you get the most out of each movement, and they offer advice based on your personal goals. Not only does a Coach have the ability to help you understand your training, but they are able to push you outside of your comfort zone to achieve what you might not think is possible!

At the end of the day, we all just want to achieve our goals and see results. The boutique gym facilitates ways to track your progress over time, which ensures that you are actually doing everything you can to get where you want to be. The customization you receive and the attention to your personal goals is unique. Are you looking to get strong? Your coach can create a customized plan to help you reach your goal of bench pressing 315. Are you looking to get lean? Your nutrition coach will create a plan and hold you accountable when it is hard to be consistent. Are you just trying to consistently make it to the gym? Your fellow members and coaches will be checking in with you when you don’t show up. 

It is not just about the services offered by small gyms that make them so unique. The community and atmosphere of boutique gyms is what sets them apart. The small boutique gym is all about celebrating your progress and your fitness journey. Not only do your Coaches care about you, but the gym fosters relationships that reach far beyond its walls. You are a person here and you are part of something bigger than yourself. A gym community is about knowing others and being known. When you don’t show up, people notice. And they reach out to see how you’re doing. Does your gym notice?

Small gyms also offer community events, social gatherings, and challenges to keep the community united and to have fun… which we all need! Many of us are bogged down with the overwhelming stress of life. The gym community is there to lift your spirits and will help keep you physically and emotionally healthy. 

Celebrating consistency, progress, health, and success is at the heart of a small gym. Even in the seasons where the going gets tough, the gym community will be working out and walking alongside you. If you have never invested in a small gym membership – give it a shot for a month! It may be just the thing you need!
——————————————What do MSP’s people say?——————————————

Here is what Joe Caccamisi says about his membership at Midwest Strength & Performance: “I love the coaches, I love the workouts, I love the community, I like the vibe (the atmosphere), I love the other members. You have to like your gym, and I like being here. 

I used to be a LifeTime fitness member. I never made any progress, probably because I didn’t know what I was doing. I wasn’t consistent, and after years I never knew anyone. It is impersonal and maybe that works for some people, but probably not for most people.” When asked about if his membership was worth the price he said “It is absolutely worth the price. I come to the gym every day. I get a lot out of it. I get results, I get compliments. I’m healthier, and I feel better.” 

MSP member Jen Pastore speaks to her experience at Midwest Strength and Performance: “I came to MSP in West Chicago with a friend who was already a member.  I was hooked after that day!   The vibe was so positive and energetic that I wanted to immediately be a part of it.” She values the intentionality of the ownership and says that  “It’s clear that the owners have thought through the offerings to ensure that everything aligns with their commitment to health and community. Although MSP is a business it feels like the members are always the main priority.” When asked if it was worth the price, she said “Absolutely! Between the quality and availability of the classes, equipment and community, it is 100% worth every cent.” 

Andrew Boccassini, MSP member, Veteran, and Weapons of Mass Destruction SWAT team member, says that “It is roughly the same price as LifeTime per person, but I value the quality of the programming at MSP even though commercial gyms have a lot more equipment. The community is incredible! Everyone is so encouraging, and we push each other in the classes!” For Andrew the community is key. He says that members can maximize their membership by partnering with others. “Buddy up with someone in class that has a similar mindset. You and your friends can push each other! For example, I would not push as hard on the rower, if I wasn’t lining up with Justin every class. If one of us misses a class, we’ll text each other, which is great for accountability. My partner, Abby, has girlfriends that are also like minded in the classes and they’re able to push each other. I feel like I can always ask Coaches questions, which is helpful for things like nutrition.” He says that the membership is worth the cost because “You get better coaching and a more encouraging environment than commercial gyms.”

What is it like at your gym? Does this kind of community resonate with you? Join us for a consultation by booking a Free Intro at the top of this page!