Success is Measured Beyond the Scale

In the world of commercial gyms and social media, we often see success measured in stereotypical and intimidating ways such as body weight, number of reps completed, or number of miles run. At MSP, our personal trainers take a different approach to how we measure our clients’ achievements and goals. Unlike mainstream gyms, we thrive on creating a unique and personalized experience for each and every person coming in so that they can feel happy, healthy, and confident in their skin.

Here are some ways that we like to measure success beyond the scale:

Improved Range of Motion

• Lower Squat depth, overhead mobility

Improved Technique

• Creating strong and efficient movement patterns takes time! Our clients are successful when they can complete movements with proper technique and full range of motion. 

Increased volume / work capacity

• Being able to do more work while keeping fatigue levels the same

Less pain (joints, rehab injuries etc.)

• Being able to do movements pain-free that caused pain in the past 

Body composition change

• Losing body fat or increasing muscle mass! Reaching physique goals or progressing towards them through phasic dieting. 

Improved health for longevity 

• Through strength training, nutrition changes, and daily activity our clients are successful when they improve their health. For example: blood sugar regulation improvements, strengthening their bones/joints, lower blood pressure etc.  

Increased strength 

• Adding weight to the bar; lifting heavier each week!

• Lifting ‘x’ amount of weight should get easier over time.  For example: 200lb back squat at 0 RIR (reps in reserve) over time becomes 3 RIR

Growing in understanding of training methodology

• Understanding why we do what we do. “Buying in” to the scientific principles of strength. Understanding how nutrition and training go hand in hand! 

Building new healthy nutrition habits (protein intake)

• Building sustainable nutrition patterns is integral to long-term health and wellness! Our clients are successful when they can add in new healthy patterns over time that become part of their lifestyle. This might be getting enough protein to support their muscle mass, being in a calorie balance, or adding in veggies. 

Increasing activity 

• Increasing average step count! People who are more active often are more energized, have less pain, and can sustain a healthy body composition which has a variety of long-term health implications. 

Regulating fatigue properly 

• Our clients are successful when they properly manage fatigue by using rest days, light days, and deload periods to continue making progress over time and not over or under training. 

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